“I am a writer, a doctor, a nuclear physicist, a theoretical philosopher…
but, above all, I am a man… a hopelessly inquisitive man, just like you.”
Paul Thomas Anderson


Hello, All… and welcome to my website, Projector of Feelings…

My name is Andrew Bundy. I have an unfortunate addiction to storytelling and tend to project my feelings onto whatever my newest obsession is (hence, the name of this site). On occasion, I may post prose pieces, or personal essays, but this site will primarily be dedicated to film criticism and other forms of artistic narrative discourse.

I am a world-builder/film critic from Los Angeles who sees writing as a creative means of self improvement, guiding lost, wandering souls out of the tunnels of traumatic depths and into the beaming light of an inevitably dying sun.  I firmly believe both expression and discourse are invaluable pathways to human empathy; a winding road of debate and a labyrinth of connective feelings, tether us to a better understanding of the world.

While I was finishing up film school, I started rambling on about/reviewing things on Letterboxd and found a new calling in the form of criticism. I briefly wrote for a local music blog, Hullabaloo Tunes, while trying my hand at cranking out an overstuffed and pretentious fantasy novel. I’d still love to publish traditionally some day, but the world is an ever-changing place, and I’m still trying to figure out how my work fits in to it…


After graduating from CSUN with a degree in Cinema and TV Media Theory & Criticism, I was given a tremendous opportunity to write for The Playlist, and soon after took a staff position at an up-and-coming online magazine, Entertainment Voice. In the first year of my writing career, I had over 50 film and television reviews published, contributed to a number of extensive, group collaborated articles, and interviewed industry talents ranging from directors Nicholas Winding Refn, Alex Ross Perry, and Ira Sachs, to actors such as James Badge Dale, Victor Garber and Tim Robbins, showrunner Ira Steven Behr, and comic book creator Jeff Lemire.

My father, a Korean-American immigrant, sadly passed away a few years ago, and, ever since he left us, that side of my cultural heritage has become an increasingly important aspect of my identity; so, the writing here will likely feature frequent essays on Asian cinema, indie film, and how representative barriers are finally being broken.

Interests outside all things silver screen related include: semiotics and structuralism, creator owned comics, feminist pop-punk tunes, Star Trek (Niner for life), and breakfast sandwiches. When I’m not daydreaming about the possibilities of holosuites being invented, you will often find me cuddling near my cat with floppies, a Brandon Sanderson or Haruki Murkami novel.

For freelance writing inquiries, please see the contact page.
I hope you enjoy at least some of what you may read…



“What scares you so much about traveling into the past, sir? Are you afraid that we might discover that our past has been re-shapened? Perverted?! And perhaps what we think we know of this world is false information?” – PTA